Our Wholesale Program is designed for retail businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals alike to capitalize on the thriving CBD market by offering &Sunny's line of beauty and cosmetic products lightly infused with CBD.

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When you partner with us through our CBD Wholesale Program, you are guaranteed world-class customer service, instant access to our proprietary production process, and insight into our industry-leading expertise. We offer beauty and cosmetic products enhanced with premium grade Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil and therapeutic grade essential oils. Our goal is to provide you with high quality CBD products to augment your retail operation.

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Every single product &Sunny creates must meet high standards when it comes to quality, efficacy and enjoyment. From initial brainstorming to product development and production to product testing, each step is taken with great care to ensure we deliver what is promised. We test all our products for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, etc., and we triple test for potency through an independent third-party laboratory. We stand behind what we sell and provide the results to our retailers in order to support your businesses.

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Why Partner with &Sunny?

The &Sunny beauty and self-care line was crafted by women for women. We believe the best products are simple, honest and natural; which is why along with our Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil, we source only the finest botanicals mother nature has to offer. &Sunny wants to create products our retailers are proud to give shelf space to in a growing industry.

All of our products are created with: Natural and organic ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils and recyclable and reusable packaging.

All of our products are created without: Synthetic ingredients, parabens, chemicals, fillers and animal testing.

Terms And Conditions

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