How Much CBD Is Right For You?

We get these questions often: "How much CBD should I take?" or "How much CBD should I use?"

When first getting started with CBD, it’s understandable that you may have concerns or questions, especially when it comes to how much you should be using each day. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer. For one, each method of CBD delivers it to the body in different ways (for example, a gummy that’s ingested vs a cream that’s applied). Adding to that confusion is the fact that each of our bodies respond differently to CBD. Factors like age, weight and genetics all come into play for determining your own unique tolerance. Overwhelmed? Don’t be! We’ve compiled a quick guide with tips and ideas on how to get dive in.

One size does not fit all

Before you do anything, ask yourself what your goal is for incorporating CBD into your self-care routine. What is that you’re trying to achieve? Maybe you’re looking for some relief for sore, achy muscles after overdoing it at the gym. Maybe you’re looking to unwind and relax a little after a long week at the office. Or maybe you’re just curious to see if life is somehow “better” with it (hint: the answer is yes)! This will help you to ultimately discover which CBD product or products are best for you and will also help you to define a measurable outcome or two (shameless plug – #makeeverydaysunny).

From there, how much CBD you should use depends on a few factors, including:

  • Your body height and weight
  • Your individual body chemistry
  • The concentration of CBD or cannabinoids in the topical product you’re using

In other words, there are a lot of variables that go into deciding how much CBD to use and how often to use it. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor first, who may have a recommendation based on your health history and overall intentions. If so, definitely follow what he or she says! Otherwise, here are some general recommendations and tidbits of info to consider:

  • Always test topical products on a small area of skin first
  • Start with a smaller topical amount and gradually increase it over time – notice how it makes you feel (consider journaling your experience to track your progress!)
  • Focus on just one objective at a time to help determine the best product and proper amount needed
  • Test out a variety of products to find your favorite – it may be different than what your best friend or your neighbor finds most effective!
  • Know that CBD topicals generally take ~45-60 minutes to ‘feel’ the effects

Can you take too much?

In short, no. This is especially true if your method of choice for CBD is topicals, like what we offer here at &Sunny. Ingestibles are a different story. Even then, however, clinical trials have shown using up to 1200 mg daily to have no serious side effects. To put that number into perspective, our Rose Essential Oil Roller contains 50 mg and our Whipped Sugar Scrub contains 100 mg.

In fact, all &Sunny blends are deliberately made with lower doses of Broad-Spectrum hemp oil so that you can enjoy the daily benefits of CBD without overdoing it. Start your morning with a dab of our Intense Moisturizing Crème, touch up with our Creamsicle Lip Pot in the afternoon and then end your night with our Aromatherapy Bath Soak. That’s right, products that you can use from the time you wake up to the time you’re climbing back into bed – the best way to add CBD into your beauty routine.



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